Move Me Soul’s 10th Anniversary Celebration


Video Description

Move Me Soul's 10th Anniversary Celebration was a one-hour performance showcasing five pieces from the dance company's repertoire. The program culminated in a special post-performance discussion featuring founder Ayesha Jaco, Codirector Diana Muhammad, Rehearsal Director Artez Jackson, and Lupe Fiasco on their commitments to fostering the artistic capital of Chicago's youth. The conversation was moderated by artist Krista Franklin.


Move Me Soul is a youth dance company founded by Ayesha Jaco in 2008. The company is committed to providing an innovative platform for inner-city youth to train and evolve as the next generation of dancers, choreographers, and teachers. Performers are engaged in dancemaking, storytelling, and character development that allows them to curate their own aesthetics of the past, present, and future.

Move Me Soul Transcript