Dialogue Keynote: Kerby Jean-Raymond


Keynote Transcript

Video Description

The MCA's 2020 Dialogue series asks what inheritance means in the public sphere. In this culminating keynote, designer Kerby Jean-Raymond addresses the audience with a presentation on inheriting creative legacies and leads an immersive discussion that imagines our collective future. This event was livestreamed on Zoom and Facebook Live on May 20, 2020.

Dialogue Series 2020: Inheritance

When one thinks of "inheritance," images of passed-down wealth and privilege may come to mind, but what does inheritance mean more broadly to the public? The spring 2020 Dialogue Series brings together artists, scholars, and audiences to consider the riches, debts, and cultural realities we inherit as social beings. We will discuss the status of accumulated art objects as treasures in our public institutions; life in a capitalist society built on colonialism and slavery; the generational experience of migration; and the inheritance of a global environmental crisis for future generations. The 2020 Dialogue Series asks how we contend with our cultural inheritance, and what are we leaving for the future?


The Dialogue Series is a museum-wide commitment to sustained inquiry about museum practice, access, and inclusion. Each annual series includes eminent speakers presenting innovative work happening across disciplines, panel discussions, and opportunities for open dialogue between local arts professionals and audiences. Dialogue is organized by Curator January Parkos Arnall with the Performance and Public Practice team.


Major support is provided by Julie and Larry Bernstein, Zell Family Foundation, and Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund.

Generous support is provided by Lois and Steve Eisen and The Eisen Family Foundation, and Caryn and King Harris.