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Dan Peterman’s Sulfur Cycle: A Disappearing Act

Gallery view of four equal stacks of drywall in front of a window.
  1. Long Four stacks of light-colored materials, which appear to be drywall, are installed in a gallery setting. Each stack of drywall is about thigh high, is laid out lengthwise along an open window. The bare branches of trees and a street is visible outside the window. The bright sunshine out the window on the left side of the gallery cast shadows from the stacks along the right of the floor.

Chicago Works: Jessica Campbell

A person with shoulder-length hair sits in front of a screen holding a bottle in their right hand.

I Was Raised on the Internet

Fuchsia and purple gradient text reading "I WAS RAISED ON THE INTERNET" appears over a dynamic image of a bright flare of light and a computer keyboard.

Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen

A digital screenshot shows a half white, half black website with text that reads “Art World Surveys” and “The Howardena Pindell Papers.”

Kerry James Marshall: Mastry

A Screenshot of the website reads the exhibition title, Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, in black text on a white background with part of an image to the right. We can also see a secondary header that reads "The History of the World According to Kerry James Marshall."

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