Funk art




Bruce Conner, Roy De Forest, and William T. Wiley are included in Peter Selz’s Funk exhibition at University Art Museum, Berkeley.


Bruce Nauman and William T. Wiley’s band Blue Crumb Truck plays at the opening of Funk at the University Art Gallery in Berkeley.


William T. Wiley participates in Funk, an exhibition curated by Peter Selz at the University Art Museum, Berkeley. It includes Wiley’s Slant Step Becomes Rhino/Rhino Becomes Slant Step in addition to works by Bruce Conner and Roy De Forest.

1960s–70s 1969

Adeliza McHugh’s Candy Store Gallery (1962–92) in Folsom, California, becomes an important place for Gladys Nilsson and Jim Nutt to show and mingle with Funk artists like Roy De Forest.


Infuriated with being defined as Funk artists, Roy De Forest and others coin the term “Nut Art,” which primarily refers to artists teaching at UC Davis.